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The belt is a closed loop of flexible material used for the mechanical connection of two or more rotary axes mostly parallel. The belts can be used as a source of motion for efficient power transmission, or for tracking relative movement.

Kastel Karlovo JSC is an authorized distributor of belts brand GATES, first manufacturer of industrial belts in the world. The corporation is headquartered in Denver (USA), and is a leading manufacturer of high-tech industrial rubber belts and hoses for industrial, hydraulic, agricultural and automotive applications. Gates not only supplies to all major car and machine manufacturers, but also to the aftermarket. Automobile industry, transport, agriculture, mining, construction, office equipment, computer equipment and the food industry are amongst the industries that Gates caters to.
For more information visit Gates website: https://www.gates.com/gb/en.html

Catalogue-1 Industrial Belts GATES
Catalogue-2 Industrial Belts GATES

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Tel.: +359 335 99116 / E-mail: dechevski.dimitar@kastelkarlovo.com

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