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Kastel Karlovo JSC is a leading company with subject of activity: trade with rolling bearings, abrasives and diamond tools, belts, steel wire ropes, chains, slings and lifting accessories; manufacture of various types of slings.

In Bulgaria our clients are over 700 private and state enterprises from the energy, mining, chemical, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, port, electro- and rail- transport, construction and many others industries.

To this day, we continue to write the pages of a story – our story – together with you. Be a part of it!


The first registration of the company as Kastel Export Ltd.

istoriq parva registraciya kastelkarlovo

Import & Export Department has been established.

istoriq vnos iznos kastelkarlovo

The company becomes the Exclusive Representative for Europe of the American company KBS LLC for the supply of rolling and sliding bearings..

istoriq kbs kastelkarlovo

Successfully is introduced quality system ISO 9001:2000

istoriq iso kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an Authorised Distributor for the territory of Bulgaria of NSK, Japan /bearings/

istoriq nsk kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an Authorised Distributor for the territory of Bulgaria of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, France /abrasives/

istoriq st gobain norton kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an Authorised Distributor for IKO, Japan /bearings/

istoriq iko kastelkarlovo

Kastel Export Ltd. expands its product range with the supply of steel wire ropes and accessories.

istoriq stomaneni vazheta kastelkarlovo

The construction of the central building and warehouse of the company in the town of Karlovo has been completed.

CentralenOfis  scaled

Kastel Karlovo JSC is founded as a successor of Kastel Export Ltd.

istoriq kastel karlovo kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an Authorized Distributor for Bulgaria of GATES BVBA PT / industrial belts /.

istoriq gates kastelkarlovo

During this year the number of current nomenclatures exceeded 10,000; and the average – monthly stock – 4,500,000USD.

istoriq tekushti nomenklaturi kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an authorized distributor of Koyo / JTEKT bearings, Japan.

page parners logos  koyo

A new warehouse of nearly 500 square meters has been built.

istoriq nov sklad  kastelkarlovo

Kastel Karlovo JSC starts the manufacture of slings!

istoriq proizvodstvo na sapani kastelkarlovo

The company acquires a fully computerized hydraulic stand that is used to test the finished products /slings/.

istoriq hidravlichen stend kastelkarlovo

The company invests in a state-of-the-art German 1500 ton four-column hydraulic press machine for the production of slings as well as 6 industrial sewing machines made by Duerkopp-Adler Germany.

istoriq proizvodstvo na sapani  kastelkarlovo

A new warehouse is under construction.

CentralenOfis  scaled

27.06.2020г on this date the company celebrates its 25th anniversary

istoriq  godini kastel kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an authorized distributor for Bulgaria of MIPROMET lifting equipment.

page parners logos mipromet

Kastel Karlovo AD becomes a certified aip-Partner of NSK – increasing productivity, reducing costs and finding solutions.

istoriq aip kastelkarlovo

The company becomes an authorized distributor for Bulgaria of TIMKEN bearings, USA.

istoriq timken kastelkarlovo

Kastel Karlovo JSC becomes a member of EPTDA – a leading industry association in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

istoriq eptda kastelkarlovo
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Kastel Karlovo JSC is an authorized distributor of NSK brand bearings – Japan, IKO brand bearings – Japan, HFB housings and bearings – Germany and exclusive representative of KBS (Kedron Bearings Services LLC) – USA for Eastern Europe.

Rolling bearings are among the most used machine elements with general purpose. Their function is to support the position of the axis of rotating or oscillating machine components and allow for a smooth movement.

We keep stock of over 10 000 types of rolling bearings, including:

  • Ball bearings
  • Self-aligning ball bearings
  • Radial cylindrical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Thrust ball bearings
  • Needle bearings
  • Linear bearings
  • Spherical plain bearings
  • Automotive bearings
  • Bearing housings & units
  • Sleeves and bushings
  • We also offer balls, rollers, needles, sleeves, bearing components and other industrial products.


Kastel Karlovo JSC manufactures:

  • Steel wire rope slings (with sleeves, manually-braided) according to EN 13414-1 up to diamter 76mm with WLL up to 70tons.
  • Chain slings class 8 and class 10 according to EN 818-2 with WLL up to 67tons.
  • Polyester webbing and endless round slings according to EN 1492-2 and EN 1492-1 with WLL up to 30 tons.
  • Each product is accompanied by Certificate and Declaration of Conformity.

Slings are applicable in all branches of Economy – mechanical engineering, metallurgy, construction, logging, mining industry as well as many more uses in the light and heavy industries. They do not break when lifting cargos and do not damage their surface upon contact. Either hook, loop, shackle or any other additional element could be attached to the end of the sling, as per customer’s request.


Kastel Karlovo JSC keeps stock of over 400 tons of various types of steel wire rope:

  • Diameters: up to 60mm with 192 tons load bearing capacity
  • Construction - 1x7, 1x19, 6x7 (7x7), 6x19 (7x19) , 6x36, 6x37, 18x7 (19x7), 35x7 (36x7)
  • Core: FC (organic core), IWRC (steel rope core), WSC (steel wire core)
  • Type of lay: Rotating or non-rotating (Hercules type), left or right, lang or regular lay
  • Marking group: It is determined by the tensile strength of the wire - 1570N/mm2, 1770N/mm2, 1960N/mm2, 2160N/mm2
  • Finish: galvanized, non-galvanized or stainless steel
  • Compacted steel wire ropes – reinforced with increased tensile strength and longer life
  • Swaged Logging Rope

Steel rope consists of a number of strands of steel wire torsioned spirally. Steel wire ropes are manufactured in accordance with EN 12385-4 standard. They have a wide range of application - energy, mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, port- activity, electrical and railway transport, construction and others. Steel ropes are the fundamental structural element for many machines and installations. They are used in elevators, cranes, building sky tracks, bridges, highways and other metallic constructions.


Lifting accessories

are used for stabilizing cargos/loads. Any element, either hook, loop, shackle or another additional element, could be attached to the end of the product. Kastel Karlovo JSC offers lifting accessories according to the customer's needs:

  • Fastening belts (with or without a ratchet) in accordance with standard EN 12195-2
  • Clamps for horizontal and vertical transportation
  • Container grips


Kastel Karlovo JSC is an authorized distributor of GATES – USA belts, the first manufacturer of belts in the world, with proven uncompromising quality and many years of experience.

The product range includes:

  • Automotive belts (timing, serpentine & V-belts)
  • Industrial belts (for mining & processing industry)
  • Agricultural belts (for harvester combines, tractors and mowers)
  • Special and transport belts (round, timing or flat belts)
  • A belt is a closed loop of flexible material used for the mechanical connection of two or more rotary axes mostly parallel. The belts can be
  • used as a source of motion for efficient power transmission, or for tracking relative movement.


Kastel Karlovo JSC offers high-quality chains with hardness class 8 and class 10 as well as their accompanying elements – loops, hooks and shackles and other specialized grips. We manufacture chain slings for lifting cargos of irregular shapes and operational temperatures ranging from -40o C to +200o C.


Kastel Karlovo JSC is a distributor of Saint-Gobain abrasives, France

Saint-Gobain Abrasives is the world's leading manufacturer of abrasives, it is the only international supplier that produces all three main types of abrasives - abrasives for grinding (with organic and ceramic joints), sand paper and diamond products.

As a distributor of Saint-Gobain for the territory of Bulgaria, Kastel Karlovo JSC offers Norton & Winter brand products.

Abrasives are used for surface treatment of different materials, by removing thin shavings, using technology that allows high-precision in achieving required dimensions and surface.


Chain slings are manufactured according to EN 818-2, safety class 4: 1. Their main advantage is the ability to shorten each shoulder by means of shortening hooks placed next to the main ring of the sling and thus are a preferred means of lifting loads of irregular shape. Chain slings can be made with up to 4 arms and a different element can be placed at each end of the sling - a ring, hook, shackle or other specialized grip.

Class 10 chain slings are made in accordance to the requirements of the world quality standards EN 818-4-2017. Class 10 chains, as well as the individual elements (hooks, rings, etc.) are blue. Class 10 chain slings have an increased load capacity by 25% (69 tons) compared to class 8 chain slings (55 tons) and they allow direct mounting of the elements without the use of additional connectors such as connecting links or shackles.


Steel wire rope slings are manufactured according to EN 13414-1 and are made of steel wire ropes with different construction - 6x19, 6x36, 6x37 with organic or metal core. They are made of both galvanized and non-galvanized ropes. Steel rope slings can have up to four separate arms.

Kastel Karlovo JSC manufactures crimped or woven eye slings up to diam 76mm with a load capacity of 70 tons. Per customer's request an additional element such as hook, link, shackle or another element can be placed at each arm of the sling. When placing an additional element, it is recommneded to use wire rope thimble in order to prevent the rope from breaking.


Round polyester slings are made of high quality polyester fibers wrapped in a protective cover. When using round slings, there is the lowest risk of injury to the load. Their main advantage is their flexibility, lightness and significantly smaller bandwidth compared to flat-eye slings. They also have a higher load capacity - up to 150 tons.


Polyester webbing slings are one of the most common products for lifting loads and are used in all industries due to their high load capacity. They are characterized by lightness, flexibility and long service life.

Different types of accessories such as links, hooks, shackles and other specialized grips can be attached to the arms of the polyester webbing slings. There are two types of polyester slings - eyeless, round polyester slings (load capacity up to 100 tons) and flat-eye polyester slings (load capacity up to 30 tons). They have a security ratio of 7: 1.

Webbing slings are resistant to aggressive environments and liquids, the operating temperature at which they can be used is from -40 to +100 degrees. The slings are color coded and are manufactured according to EN 1492-1. Each sling has a sewn certificate showing its length, workload, serial number and date of manufacture and is accompanied by a quality certificate, declaration of conformity and instructions for safe use.


Kastel Karlovo JSC manufactures crimped & woven eye wire slings, polyester slings, chain slings and round endless slings according to the established European norms. Per customer's request an additional element such as hook, link, shackle or another element can be placed at each arm of the sling. Each sling is accompanied by an information label where the product data is recorded (workload, length, serial number and date of manufacture) and a Declaration of conformity.


In order to meet clients' needs, Kastel Karlovo JSC together with its European partners invests in organizing joint trainings for their employees.


The company has its own laboratory for testing, analysis and verification of bearings and related products. Each delivery passes quality control in order to identify factory defects and malfunctions. Our production equipment includes a fully computerized hydraulic stand for testing the finished product before delivery to the customer, which makes us the only Bulgarian company that can issue the necessary documents accompanying the lifting equipment, according to the Decree for safe operation and technical supervision of lifting equipment.


Quality is the key principle of Kastel Karlovo JSC. It is a promise and a guarantee for our worldwide competitiveness. All products are manufactured in factories, which have successfully introduced and implemented system for quality management ISO 9001: 2008; environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004; and occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001: 2007
All lifting products are manufactured in accordance with the established European norms and safety standards.


Our well-trained staff can answer your questions and give you guidelines for work in order to prevent malfunctions. Upon detecting malfunctions, our team will offer an adequate solution that is in accordance with the needs and requirements of the client.


The company has two hydraulic presses with a capacity of up to 1500 tons, which can press ropes and rope slings with a diameter of up to 62mm as per customer's request. Each sleeve is laser stamped with information about the product - load capacity, length, type of rope and date of manufacture according to the issued certificate.