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produkti abrazivi kastelkarlovo gal
produkti abrazivi kastelkarlovo gal
produkti abrazivi kastelkarlovo gal


Abrasives are used for surface treatment of various materials by removal of thin shavings, utilizing technology that allows precision in attaining dimensions and surfaces of the workpieces. There are several technological operations — grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing, honing and others.

Kastel Karlovo JSC is an exclusive representative of Saint–Gobain Abrasives, France.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives is the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasives, it is the only international supplier that produces all three main types of abrasives – abrasives for grinding (with organic and ceramic joints), sand paper and diamond products.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has a portfolio of highly recognized brands, each with a unique value to suit the full spectrum of our customers’ needs. The portfolio includes the brands Norton, Flexovit & Winter, 3 extremely established brands that have a reputation for innovation, quality and performance.

For more information and full list of offered brands and products please visit Saint-Gobain Abrasives website: https://www.saint-gobain-abrasives.com/en-ro/our-brands

Abrasives, cloth abrasives and diamond tools

  • Carboflex discs – a grinding, motor and stationary machines for cutting and smoothing metal, stainless steel, ceramics, PVC.
  • Cloth sheets – used for polishing of various metals and wood surfaces (manually or with a polishing machine).
  • Paper sheets – rolls and sheets for sanding wood, veneer, flooring, marble, etc. (manually or with a polishing machine).
  • Waterproof sanding sheets – for wet polishing and finishing of painted surfaces, metals, vehicle repairs, etc.
  • Abrasive Belts – suitable for grinding flat and profiled wood surfaces, metal, glass and others.
  • Velcro discs – for dry grinding of automotive kits, paints and details for the furniture industry.
  • Lamella grinding discs – for coarse and fine grinding of metals, non-metals, paints, varnishes and others. Cleaning of castings, processing of weldings, shaping of edges and notches.
  • Lamella ends – used primarily for fine grinding of metal openings.
  • Fiber discs – used for grinding of wooden and metal surfaces, removal of paint, paste, rust.
  • Abrasive grinding discs – for standard and specialty applications, with ceramic and organic bonds, also makes specialty profile.
  • Mounted points – abrasive and from HSS, mainly for portable machines. They are used in the foundry, metalworking and other industries.
  • Diamond discs – suitable for dry and wet cutting of natural and artificial stone, concrete, masonry, asphalt, refractory materials, etc.
  • Polishing pastes and accessories – repair and painting of cars, boats and more.
  • Diamond equalizer – for profiling and leveling of grinding wheels, for sharpening and others.
  • Super abrasives – for materials with high hardness, ceramics, glass, metal cutting tool.

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